Demo Day

Anybody who was at the Ryan Neil demo today will no doubt back me up when I say just how enjoyable and educational a day it was.

Ryan certainly is every bit as good as the greater bonsai public say he is. I will be adding many of the 100’s of photos I have taken so far during this coming week. Just not possible to do it now with this internet connection. I will however share the before and after shots of the Taxus Cuspidata that Ryan worked on today. No easy option for Ryan, he wanted the best possible outcome for this year which involved seperating the live vein from the deadwood to allow the image to be compacted more bring the green bits closer to the wonderful deadwood.

Compare where the foliage in in the before photo to were it is in the after. Use the deadwood as a reference. As usual a photo does not do this tree justice.

Workshop tomorrow, after more red wine tonight 🙂


4 comments on “Demo Day

  1. When we met yesterday I said to you I don’t usually leave comments but I had to reinforce what you have said about the demo. From what Ryan said, yesterday was a bit of a marathon demo but he certainly held the attention of everybody for the whole session.
    Thanks to Ryan and everybody else involved at Willowbog for a brilliant day.


    • Hi Ian, Just back home as of this minute. Great to meet you and yes a fabulous weekend. I’ll be posting a stack of photos during the week. The video will take a little longer!
      Keep in touch mate.


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