Noelanders Trophy 2013 Winners

Trying to piece together the winners of this year’s Trophy. From what I can glean, this is it. If there’s any mistakes, or others I’ve missed, please let me know.

First prize, Luis Baliño (picea)

First prize (Deciduous): Luis Vallejo (Fagus crenata)

Second prize (Deciduous): Udo Fisher (acer palmatum)

First prize (Shohin): Marc & Rita Cooper

[Edit – Looks like this display actually was in second place with Mark and Ritta’s other display shown below getting First. Not that it matters as both are quite stunning.]


Second prize (Shohin): Marc & Rita Cooper

Third prize (Shohin): Nanci Ball

Will update as information comes in.

23 comments on “Noelanders Trophy 2013 Winners

  1. Ian, thank you for taking the time to share Harry’s photo’s and thank you to Harry for his efforts. I’ve really enjoyed looking through them all.

    It was good also to have photo’s of the cards for each tree 🙂


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