The Magnificent Seven +1

As expected, last nights club meeting was a very low turn out due to the road blocks and protesters across Belfast.

However 7 brave souls and me managed to get there. We used a smaller room and managed to have a great nights craic 🙂

Phil with the usual hat glued to his head.

DSC_0824 DSC_0825

and his usual two fingered salute. Ben appears to be taking steps with side branch cutters to cut Phil off in his prime. Also note, a rare sighting of Harry  on the left  most camera shy guy I know 🙂


Is that a Christmas jumper Michael? 🙂


Ben slightly traumatised having been beside Phil all night!


A special mention must go to Alan who after hitting his fourth roadblock gave up and went home. Good try Alan

6 comments on “The Magnificent Seven +1

  1. I’ll have you know that the jumper in question is older than some of the members who were present tonight having been bought in Dunns store many years ago. Yes I know it looks it but it keeps me warm and BTW have you had a close look at the old man who’s wearing it.


  2. lol. Good to see you all last night! My larch is still alive after Phil’s work last night. Might let him help me out again in future…


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