Behind The Scenes

One of the things people don’t get to see when a club runs an event is the work that goes on behind the scenes. That can be clearing the garage for the venue, collecting the extra chairs, my Mrs working hard with the catering, etc,etc. This photo shows Peter packing the van for the trip home in the middle of a very windy and rainy storm!! I do wonder why we do this sometimes!!

9 comments on “Behind The Scenes

  1. definitely the worst weather there has been so far for loading stock back in the van for the trip home !!! and, as I gave in to the effects of my heavy cold when I got back , the unloading has not been started yet either , have to do it today though !


  2. right there Eejit , wondering what the hell I am doing traipsing about in the wind and rain when I should [ at my age ] be in my armchair, with my pipe , slippers on etc etc !


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