Fix Up

I spent some time yesterday afternoon fixing up the trees damaged in the storm. Not an easy task as I’m suffering from a bad dose of man flu courtesy of Mr Snart who spread it to my household last weekend 😛

I potted the large Scottie into a large plastic training pot, roots not touched at all just transferred and give a little extra space to spend the Winter in. I’ll look for a new pot in the Spring.

My biggest disappointment was when I found out that the deadwood at the base of my Cotoneaster had been damaged in the fall from the bench. There was obviously some rot that had contributed to the damage but a lot of the deadwood I lost had been fine!  I removed the bit that had been knocked off, it was just sitting there. I decided to go ahead and repot the tree for a few reasons. I could see wood now that was soft and I wanted to get wood hardener on it. This would be easily done during a repot. I had bought a pot for the tree last weekend and with good after care I felt confident that I could repot now.

Here you can see were the deadwood has now gone 😦

This is the tree removed from the pot and the wood that was rotting has been treated.

As you can clearly see, I now have a few problems to deal with. I cannot pot the tree to the same level as before as the gap at the base will be a major issue. I opted to pot the tree deeper to lower the remaining deadwood to the surface level. I decided to mount the soil slightly to assist with this. This will allow me to give further treatment to the deadwood and once the tree is established in the pot and ready for showing, I can add moss to hide any gaps.

Not ideal but the best I can do for now. I have had this tree since 1995 and it’s one of those memory trees that I like to keep around. It’s been a long road! For the full history of this tree, see this case study.