Sakka Ten Exhibition Links

I’ve been prowling the internet hungrily seeking photos from the Sakka Ten Exhibition.

No need any more, enough photos and videos here on their Facebook page to keep even the neediest enthusiast happy! Even me 🙂

Sakka Ten Facebook  

1000 photos album

Escallonia Alteration

Again, another tree discussed with Peter Warren. This time it’s my Escallonia. I’ve been playing around with angles to pick a front and I asked Peter for his advice.

He suggested removing a branch at the front to show off some more of the character of the tree. I’m planning on some carving refinement on this tree this month and now I can actually get access 🙂

This was it sans leaf as Peter saw it.


And after branch removal.

I think I prefer a slight change of angle now with the branch away.

This is a virtual of it repotted but with the pot shrunk slightly!

The live vein at the front will probably shrink a little now that the branch has been removed. Escallonia are like Junipers in that they have a very defined route between a branch and it’s roots. I did leave a little shoot at the base of the removed branch to see if that is enough of a sap draw to keep the vein alive and see if the sap will transfer over into the main vein to it’s right.