More Black Pine Virtuals

As my attempts at finding the right shape of pot for this Black Pine failed so badly yesterday, I have tried a few more.

These first two were pot suggestions are by Xavier. When he sent me the pot photos yesterday, I preferred the first one shown. But now that I have added the tree, I prefer the second one. The colour isn’t right but it’s hard to get this just right in a ‘cut and shut’ job like I’ve just done.

These are further ones I’m trying myself.

I like this one but I think I’ve made the pot a bit too small.

I tried this one, a little too ornate but nice all the same. Colour not right either.

This is my favourite one. A primitive pot that I feel suits the age shown in the bark of the tree.

None are quite right but it’s an interesting exercise that helps assess how a tree will look. I obviously need the practice 🙂

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