Sorry Spruce

After our collecting trip back in February we came back with some rather nice Spruce. Most came with good rootballs and are still thriving well into there second flush of growth this year.

This one was always going to be touch and go as it had very little root. It went to Phil’s poly tunnel were it spent some time on his heat bed in an attempt to stimulate enough growth to survive. Sadly it didn’t make it. What a pity, it would have made a tasty tree.

11 comments on “Sorry Spruce

  1. that’s a real shame !! still not convinced about heat beds !! I am sure that sometimes it just makes problems develop more quickly ?


  2. I have a question for you. I live by a river that is inhabited by many beavers. Would a tree that has been chewed down to the stump by a beaver but is growing new shoots be a good choice for yamadori? I was biking through the woods by my house today and noticed a lot trees chewed down by beavers but they were still growing well. It would kind of nice to select something like this because they have already done part of the work for you hehe.


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