Bonsai Baker’s Benches

There used to be a guy called Bonsai Baker, he even started his own blog but despite abuse from those who love him, he hasn’t posted in a while. Perhaps a few pokes and prods to him on his blog Bonsai Baker might stimulate him into action again. 🙂

I had called down to Stephen’s last week to scrounge up a few cardboard boxes for posting trees in. I managed to snap a few photos in his back garden just to keep you up to date until he starts posting again.

His Arakawa Maple

His Repanda Common Juniper root over rock. This has grown vigorously since the styling here at my house earlier in the year.

His ever growing collection of hostas.


9 comments on “Bonsai Baker’s Benches

    • He says he tried to post this week but the wife deleted all his photos from his camera by mistake 🙂 It’s actually true as well. I’m trying to recover them from the disc now. Fingers crossed.


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