Air Layer Gone Wrong!!

Don’t know just what went wrong here, cling film on before moss perhaps?!

Health & Safety :

Do not try this at home, this comedic moment was carried out under close supervision with a team of experts close at hand! 

A few fellow bonsai folk in my garage the other night. See if you can spot Phil ‘Two Fingers’ Donnelly. 🙂

5 comments on “Air Layer Gone Wrong!!

  1. funny, but not wise to show a guy with clingfilm wrapped round his face on your blog mate – if someone copycatted and suffocated you’d be gutted.


    • Health & Safety message added, however, if folk are of a mind to suffocate themselves with cling film because they seen a photo on my blog, there was little hope for them in the first place! If they are of a mind to look for stupid things to do, they are probably glued to YouTube were options for stupidity are endless!


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