Bonsai Mirai

Tony posted this on his blog and I just had to share it too. It’s video featuring Ryan Neil’s ‘Bonsai Mirai’ Nursery. A truly fantastic video, quality production and some absolutely stunning Bonsai. If this is what’s to come out of the USA in the coming years, we are in for a real treat. Yamadori to die for!! I’ve watched it 5 times!



2 comments on “Bonsai Mirai

  1. I was able to take an Exhibit Critique with Ryan Neill and watch his demonstration at last year’s Mid-America Show in Chicago. Very knowledgeable man!

    His vision of improving the overall quality of US bonsai is being accepted by quite a few here, from all I’ve seen. I’m one who’s looking forward to learning from his influence in the years ahead. (I’d love to visit his place, but it’s about 1800 miles away…)


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