Root Over Rock Trident Repot

I had hoped to repot this last Sunday but ran out of time. A week later it has opened further and I had to get it done today. Stephen and Michael came over to my place and did a little repotting of their own. Stephen was able to help me man handle the Trident as the rock made it rather hard to work with.

This was it before we started.

As you can see the rock over hangs the pot and I wanted to incorporate the rock within the pot this time around. I bought a nice Walsall Ceramic pot for it last week from Willowbog Bonsai.

When I removed the Tree from the pot I was able to see how it had been wired in last time. I decided that I was probably best to follow a similar process this time too.

I pulled out two wedges from the mix that had been used to get the tree sitting at the right angle and position.

This is it after root pruning and washing out.

I prepared the new pot with wooden supports for the tree and to aid the tying in of the tree.

Once we got it potted up, it got a good watering in. The mix is akadama and kyodama.

This is the final image. I much prefer the new look and am delighted with the pot too. It’s at a slighted different angle and rotation in the pot.

Side by side before and after.