www.bonsaieejit.com 1st Anniversary

I started this blog on the 10th February 2011. I was looking ahead to Spring and all the events that would be happening with my bonsai. I was determined to try and keep a record of my activities and the progress of my trees. I was inspired by a few other bonsai enthusiasts who were blogging. The first blog I ever followed was Kingii and the adventures coming daily out of Japan. Mike Jones started Bonsai Passion and I decided that if he could do it, so could I 🙂

Here we are now, one year on and I’m truly amazed just how popular this blog has become. I still hold true to my original reasons for starting it, but it has become so much more as it has expanded it’s readership.

I post about my walks in nature for tree inspiration, even a little wildlife thrown in there too.

I link to other people blogs and videos to help get the word out there about what’s going on. There are some great blogs and videos that very few people have found.

I share photos and video from the collections of my friends. Recently I have even shared photos from internet friends, most notably from Harry’s visit to the Noelanders Trophy resulting in 6000 hits on the blog in a single day! For all you non bloggers out there with great photos to share, I’m happy to add them here in the name of bonsai friendship.

365 days on, I now sit at over 640 posts, over 83,000 views from people in 109 different countries.

All this is very flattering but, by far the biggest plus point for me in the last year has been all the new friends I have made all over the world. From the UK to the US of A, Spain, Portugal, Holland and Australia. Those doing their apprenticeships in Japan and even a few at home here on the Emerald Isle 🙂 I really hope to meet some of you soon starting at the BSA Exhibition on the 10th March.

That you all for checking in so frequently. I do my best to post something every single day. One of these days I’m going to skip a post and see if anyone notices 🙂

Here’s a link back to my very first post for old times sake. Jumping In


Ian [bonsai eejit]