Oh How We Change !

My brother reads this blog and made a comment about my mate Phil who you see featured here quite often. He sees Phil a lot these days but was shocked to see him in photos dating back 10 years. Never one to miss a chance to point this out, here is a before and after of him 2002/2011.

This is him at a show back in 2002

and this was him lounging around my garage reading Bonsai Focus with his keg out 🙂

I’ve known Phil from 1995 and we’ve shared a lot of bonsai experiences together over the years. If you asked anyone in the club, ‘what’s he like?’ I guess most would reply, using the local term, ‘he’s a bit of a Header!!’ 🙂

Here’s a few other photos I found while looking for a suitable before and after. First one is him doing a workshop with Robert Porch back in 2001 I think.

Both of us after collecting some Communis Junipers back in 2002

Showing off his collected Beech back in 2003

One tired looking puppy after wiring this Pine for styling by Marco Invernizzi at a workshop at Willowbog Bonsai back in 2004.

And here are just a few more recent ones showing his talent for feck’n around 😀

Bonsai to me is as much about friendship as about the little trees themselves. In 18 years playing with trees, I have made some great friends along the way.

Bonsai Baker! You’re next for the treatment. That gnome outfit is getting a mention 🙂