Yamadori and Bonsai material from Tony Tickle

I’m sure most of you have noticed that Tony Tickle has started a new blogsite titled Yamadori and Bonsai material from Tony Tickle.

I liked its layout so much, I copied his WordPress Theme 🙂 Well, me and the 50,000 other wordpressers who use it!

Every now and again I like to add a post here pointing out new blogs worth following, and today is Tony’s turn. His site has new posts pretty much daily. The are plenty of videos and some excellent information interspersed with Tony’s humour.

Click on the image below to pay him a visit.

2 comments on “Yamadori and Bonsai material from Tony Tickle

  1. Thanks Ian… I’m working hard to get all the articles I have written for various magazines, forums and books online… now that they have been published ‘in print’ so to speak…. thanks for your vote of confidence.



  2. Praise where praise is due. A great blog with plenty of material from Tony and the hit counter bears that out..
    Funny how you posted this just a I thought about putting a post on my site about “compulsive bolgs for bonsai enthusiasts”. Must be mid winter boredom setting in.


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