What a Way to Finish The Year

Bjorn and Owen have made it very easy for me to decide what to post here on the last day of the year, Thanks guys 🙂

The latest video from the Bonsai Art of Japan is a parody of some of the best You Tube Bonsai Channels out there, and also, some of the worst 🙂

You really need to see these links as well to fully understand where this is all coming from.

Lindsay Farr’s World of Bonsai – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhEkwNVFq6E
White Pine Inspiration – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVM2AKctips
Wolf Meditation –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGbs6QwxL8M&list=UUTg68jVX0EeA0NUEMgSlUwg&…­
Funny Asian Guy – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ1bwUxVnAA
Mr. Potter’s Series – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHIvEFiuJNo

A few comments from myself after viewing:  [spoiler alert]

Owen, you really need to work on your Aussie and Brit accents 🙂 I loved the Farr hat but you are missing the hair for Mr Wolf 😀

I also loved :

Your Farr nursery visit on Fast Forward, made me cry

White Pine fondling


Sam Jotter – hit with a wheelie bin :-), take pride in your wiring!

Asian Guy, mass production and by the way, this is so nice camera 🙂

and my favourite bit, ‘I’m not sure how this man got into my nursery… or why he’s here’ Fecking brilliant 🙂 You must have sooo many out take clips after this!!!

Thank you guys for all your efforts in bringing us your series this year. Long may it continue.


5 comments on “What a Way to Finish The Year

  1. Simply brilliant. As good as any TV I watched over the hols. Only 1 problem and that is that the video featured some really beautiful trees that make guys like me and our efforts at bonsai look as idiotic as the eejits they were portraying. Ihanks ian


  2. Fantastic!!! This has made my night – the ‘Sam Jotter’ sketch is the best for me….”going to turn this mediocre tree into a beautifully carved mediocre tree”……….”reminiscent of a tree on top of a mountain that was hit by a wheelie bin” – simply superb 🙂

    Cheers Ian – really enjoyed your blog this year!


  3. Thanks Ian for reposting this on your blog! After I posted it last night, I couldn’t sleep from anxiety over how the general reaction might turn out. Looks like people took it as good fun with a grain of salt, just as we had hoped. Again, thanks for supporting the series. Happy New Year!


    • Bjorn, It was brilliant, right up my street 🙂 You pitched it just right and I’m sure Lindsay and Graham will receive it in the manner it was intended. A lot of people take themselves too seriously in bonsai, as for Mr Wolf, lol

      Happy New Years, as you are back in the US, you’ve another few hours to wait 🙂


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