They’re Back!!!

Why do people buy these bloody things!!!

Spotted this one in a clothes shop the other day. The usual Christmas crap. £15 for a plastic pot, a bag of soil and a few pine seeds. I give up!

2 comments on “They’re Back!!!

  1. we just got a hundred for the xmas market !!!!!!!!! no we haven’t really I agree , they are an awful rip off !! mmmmmmmm maybe we should have them 🙂


  2. Somebody’s after a quick one-time sale, I’m afraid.
    At the same time, there’s an up side to it, every now and then: that was the sort of kit my sister bought for me in ’88. Neither of us realized that it was something of a rip-off. But, even tho the seeds never sprouted, that was what turned my attention to bonsai. 🙂


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