Lavender Bonsai!

Who ever heard of bonsai made from lavender? Never crossed my mind either until Mario left me his collection to care for while he’s working abroad. He has created a lavender bonsai from an old pot plant, deadwood and all!

Before I went to Florida it was in good shape. When I returned, it was covered with extension shoots and flower heads!! This is the tree before I trimmed it back into shape today.

and this is it after a trim.

Of all his trees in my care, this is the one I’m least looking forward to caring for! Over Wintering could be a challenge and, as a garden shrub, they are not long lived. I would say this crosses over to bonsai as well.

I did a google search for lavender bonsai and only found 2 trees that are exactly the same species as this one. Too be honest this one was way better than the other 2 as well 🙂

On inspection, I wasn’t too sure about the lower hanging branch or the health of the first branch on the right either. I think these virtuals might be an option some time in the future.

Don’t panic Mario, I won’t being doing this off my own bat mate 😀


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