Thinning out the garage

Today I spent some time thinning out the rubbish in my garage in preparation of a bonsai school and workshop I’m hosting next weekend for my club. I managed to talk my next door neighbour into letting me put all my crap in his garage for a week 🙂

Here’s the set up now. All I need is about 20 more chairs!

If you want to know more about the Bonsai School, here’s a link.


4 comments on “Thinning out the garage

  1. Looks amazing….your garage is bigger than my house though lol 🙂
    Im sure the folk attending will really enjoy the day, sounds like its ganna be a lot of fun with plenty of learing going on too.
    How is the club going? are the numbers increasing for membership, are you finding more and more people are becoming interested in Bonsai?
    Looking forward to seeing photos from the workshop day…..all the best with it, regards Martin 🙂


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