and a few others today

I also decided to pot a few other today. Most are field grown raw material that have been lifted a few years ago and now I wanted to repot into spare pots I have lying around.

I haven’t a clue what this first one is!! I took cuttings from a friends bonsai about 10 years ago and planted them in open ground for 6 years. I thought it was some type of Chinese Hackberry but I haven’t seen one like it before. The original one died but my ones live on 🙂 The wood is as hard as iron! This one is going to get a little more attention this year.

This is it before and after potting.


Next up are two Hawthorn collected from the Antrim coast about 4 years ago.

This is a field grown Hornbeam. No styling done yet, just branch selection and pruning.

This is a Cork Bark Elm, grown from a cutting and field grown for 6 years. The faster they grow the rougher the bark gets. Not repotted today, just tidied up a bit.

Bark close up. Not bad for an 8 year old tree 🙂

Last up is a Wild Pear grown from a cutting and field grown. It’s a chop down that I plan to create a natural broom style from over the years.

Tomorrow I tidy up the garage in anticipation of a club event next weekend.

Potting up Gold Juniper

I lifted this juniper from my Dad’s garden a few days ago. With all sorts of car issues over the last few days, I only got around to potting it up today. The delay was fine as the garden soil was damp and there was loads of it surrounding the roots.

Here’s it in the ground

This is it when I got it home.

I shortened in the green areas as much as possible to encourage back budding. Extra light will be able to penetrate the inner branches. I was able to make a few decisions and remove a few unnecessary branches. I left two main branches both giving leader options to the front and back of the tree. The garden soil was think and totally unsuitable for container growing. The only way to remove it properly was to hose it out. This is the root ball. Quite healthy.

I potted the tree up in an open mix of grit and cat litter (scp). This is one possible front. Deadwood is going to be a major part of the final image, in keeping with popular juniper style.

This is the opposite side with a different leader. I think the deadwood is more interesting here.

It’s now sitting in my Poly Tunnel for protection awaiting warmer weather and signs of movement.

Looking Swell…

Whilst having a look around my bonsai today I noticed a marked difference in bud swell. Looks like Spring is around the corner. After the hard Winter we’ve had, I’m amazed that thing are as far on as they are. A few of the trees had been, or are still are under glass. But not all of them.

Japanese Maple


Fuji Cherry

More Fuji


Cork Bark Elm