You Tubeing

I like to browse through all the bonsai clips on Youtube and hunt out the good ones. Let’s face it, most are crap!

To help everyone else save time, I plan to link a few of the better ones on here. Here’s the first.

Calling All Bonsai Bloggers

I have decided to change my Links tab to allow me to list some of the bonsai blogs that I follow. It was these blogs that made me decide to start my own.

I have added 3 link catagories:

Bonsai Bloggers

I’m happy to add anyone to the bloggers list, it’s all about spreading the word. I have loads to add here, but I’ll be spreading them out over the next few weeks.

Clubs & Societies

I’ll only add Club and Society sites that are active and worth the look. So many club sites are static and you can find them easily enough anywhere on the web. I want to list those worth checking into on a regular basis. If you know of any like this, I’ll be happy to add them here.

Bonsai Dealers

This isn’t going to be an exhaustive list of bonsai dealers. It’ll be ones that I have dealt with and am happy to give a wee plug too.