Another purchase

This little Cork bark Elm was another purchase this weekend. I have cork bark elms coming out of my ears and really didn’t need another but this little one caught my eye. I got it from Willowbog Bonsai who were here doing a bonsai school and workshop on Saturday and Sunday for the Northern Ireland Bonsai Society. As it was at my house I was able to have a look through the trees on the Friday night. I was unable to attend the school on the Saturday so I had to make a few quick decisions or I would have missed out. It was very reasonably priced but was a risk as it was covered with moss. There could easily have been very bad inverse taper hidden in there, but on the other hand, there might be a wee belter for a bargain. Here’s the tree as bought.

Here’s a close up of the offending moss.

After much picking I managed to remove the moss and found a rather nice little tree. It has a little inverse aper from certain angles, but that’s more to do with the cork bark plates. I was able to pick up a nice little Walsall Ceramic pot from Willowbog as well and this is the tree a few hours later.

There a rather nice root spread in there that with a little work will widen the base in years to come.

I’m trying to grow my Shohin collection this year and I’m off to a good start.


This is my new Shohin Potentilla Fruticosa. I sometimes uset a tree to mark an occasion or to remember someone by. I have named this one ‘Issy’ to remember Isabel, my mother-in-law, who passed away after a long illness on Wednesday. She loved flowers and would appreciate this little one when it’s covered in yellow flowers in a few months time. My last conversation with here was about her snow drops flowering at her front door. I was able to show them to her on the camera. A special moment forever remembered.