Japanese Tsunami – Moving On

Smithy on the Wee Trees Forum shared this today.

Great to see things moving on.


Further to my last….

…about the Tsunami relief, here’s a link to an interesting article in the Mail online about the so called harmony in post tsunami Japan. It does not make pleasant reading and is all the more reason you should send a few shillings to Dru’s Paypal account at kyokomurasugi@yahoo.co.jp to get help right to those who need it.

Mail Online

Here’s the latest email I got from Dru.

“I just got back from Ishinomaki and believe me i cannot ever  possibly say “ive done enough” . There is too much to do .We will be in this story until they dont need us . Then we will stop with a smile.The more i go up there the more i see how much they need, especially fuit and veg for the old people and kids. A few people 2.5 months ago said please dont forget us in a few months so we wont.”