Ryan Neil in Oz Video


Demo Video


Ryan Neil Demo @ Noelanders 2014

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Ryan do a demo before and this one from Bonsai Empire is yet another great example of his work.

Video Update

I have updated the video of the big Scots Pine that Phil did the bending on with Ryan Neil back in January. After 6 months the wire had to be removed as it was starting to cut in. However Phil left the guy lines in place  to maintain the trunk position. There has been strong growth and there are many signs of back budding. The video is below, if you have already watched the workshop portion and want to skip to the update go to 37.30. I have also included the outtake video of Phil attempting to turn the tree for video. It wasn’t meant to be an out take but Phil in his usual style has managed to make it one. See what we have to put up with !! 🙂

I’m now sitting down to sort through the footage recorded at the Peter Warren weekend. I hope to have these up this week.

Ryan Neil Show Critique

Some Ryan Neil Footage about Junipers


Bending Phil’s Pine

The last big video out of the Ryan Neil weekend is this one featuring the Pinus ‘Put it back in the van’ Sylvestris that Phil brought. Most would now like to put it in the back of their van 🙂

Ben was busy with the camcorder when all the bending work was being done and we thought it was well worth a share to show the techniques that Ryan used to bend a heavy trunk on this pine.

I have a few ideas for some very short video clips picking out interesting points from the demo instead of having to watch all 3 hours 48 minutes of it. So keep watching the You Tube channel, which has about 100 new subscribers in a week ❗


Road Trip Video

Part of our trip to Willowbog wasn’t about bonsai, but the friendship and craic [fun] we had during the weekend. What better way to capture this than to have a video as a reminder. Not original in bonsai circles I know with others such as Andrew Sellman and Sebastijan Sandev already covering this. But this is for me and anyone else who was there to help relive good times…

Apologies to any German viewers, You are the only country that copyright has blocked viewing due to the music.




Ryan Neil Willowbog Demo Parts 1 – 4

Part 4 is now available to view on Youtube. For ease of use, I have added all 4 parts here.

Be sure to read the credits, my thanks to those listed there, but also to everyone who attended the workshop that made it such a good day. My bill for pushing you out of the snow is in the post 🙂



Ryan Neil Willowbog Demo Part 3