In Close

A few close ups from around the trees and accents.

Snart on Tour Stop 5

Next stop was Kinbane Castle for a snack Lunch and a view from the North Coast looking towards Rathlin Island. The mist was blowing in and out along the coast and the view changed every few minutes. Due to a rock slide we couldn’t get down to the Castle.

Garden Shots

Wilkie’s Photo Gallery

Thought it was time to share this blog with you. The owner is a club member who as well as having bonsai and started getting quite serious about photography. I offered to help get him up and running on a photo blog to help showcase his work.

As well as seeing the odd bonsai portrait of one of his trees, you will see some great action, landscape and wildlife images. Give him a wee hello to encourage him to share and make sure you check out some of his work on the page tabs at the top.

As usual, just click on the photo below to visit, one of my favourite photos from him.

Spring Macro

Macro Man

My friend Stephen was with  me last week photographing a few trees for  our records. He could help getting out his hew macro lens for a few close up.DSC_0145






Floodgates Walk

Some photos taken on a recent walk at the Floodgates in my hometown of Ards.

Invisible Animals

My wife drew my attention to this photo article in the Daily Mail and I just had to share it with you.

It has a photo montage of animals hiding in plain sight. These are my favourite 3


and this one done my head in, spot the snipe!

Make sure you check out all the others here.

Where The Mountains Of Mourne Sweep Down to the Sea

Photo-shopped panoramic photo showing the Mourne Mountains from Dundrum, County Down.

I realise that it’s a bit small here, so click on the image to see a bigger version.

I was working down that way on Monday and stopped not long after sunrise to take a few snaps.






In one of those brief moments of sunshine a few of my own flowers came out in style.

Bug playing peek-a-boo