Bonsai 360

I’ve been playing around with creating 360 degree views of some of my bonsai using Flash. These have been added to our club website. To view, just click on the 360 logo below to visit my 360 bonsai on the NIBS site.

As there are 4-5 on the page they may take a few moments to load in depending on your download speed. Please be patient, they’re worth the wait 🙂


4 comments on “Bonsai 360

  1. These are really nice 360 shots. A lot of work here. About 60 shots each and then the flash editing. You rock, these are great. I like the two latest ones. The second is really a classic informal upright design. Probably ready for some pruning soon I’d think. Keep up the good work.


  2. What a unique idea, a 2 π radians view! Personally, I never owned a turntable as I enjoy walking around the table biting my lip and probably looking like a fool. Keep up the good work Bonsai Eejit, I really enjoyed your ‘Inspiration’ page – post more!


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