Wire Trees with a Twist

Twist, see what I did there 😉

Anyway, I was in the local Tourist Board Shop in my town and they have a small gallery display every month. I saw these and thought about all the wire Bonsai we see on the net, but these are a little different and have an Irish Twist. Trees like this are a common sight here with windswept Hawthorn along the coast and on every hillside.

Even a bird! Photos snapped on my phone so sorry for the quality. Enjoy.

ScreenHunter_223 May. 20 12.31

ScreenHunter_224 May. 20 12.31

ScreenHunter_225 May. 20 12.32

ScreenHunter_226 May. 20 12.32

ScreenHunter_227 May. 20 12.32

ScreenHunter_228 May. 20 12.32

ScreenHunter_229 May. 20 12.32

ScreenHunter_230 May. 20 12.33

ScreenHunter_231 May. 20 12.33


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