2016 Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show part 1!

Nebari Bonsai

We’ll start with a look at some of the show’s winners. Congratulations to the owners whose efforts paid off this weekend. Also, many thanks to Karin, our tireless show chair, and Kathy Shaner, who both worked hard to make our show the best in memory. For perspective, the blue placards are 8.5″ wide.
Experienced Category:

Best of show, and 1st place Flowering/Other: Satsuki Azalea, tokoname pot

2nd place Flowering/Other: Satsuki Azalea, Reiho(?) pot

1st place Deciduous: Arakawa Japanese Maple, Tokoname pot

2nd place Deciduous: Japanese Maple, Yamafusa or Reiho pot

1st place Evergreen: Corkbark Japanese Black Pine, Shibakatsu pot

2nd place Evergreen: Shimpaku Juniper, Yuji/Gyouzan pot; Gekkou accent

Intermediate Category:

1st place, Flowering/Other: Larch, old nanban pot

2nd place Flowering/Other: Satsuki Azalea, Chinese pot

1st place Deciduous: Persimmon (see the fruits? Upper-left!), Chinese pot

2nd place Deciduous: Bald Cypress, Ron Lang or Byron Myrick pot(?)

1st place Evergreen: Mugo Pine

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