Sorbus Reducta Then and Now

I’ve been going through some old photos in preparation for an article or two on the club site looking back at 30th years of the NIBS. Boy have people changed 🙂 As I was browsing I found this photo of my little sorbus going back to 1995 in a club show. I remember buying this as a young plant from Timpany Nurseries in 1994, so probably around 25 years old now.

This is it now.


This is it on the left in 1995, the little branch at the bottom be came the whole tree.

Hillmount Show 1995 2

and again in 2000, easier to see where the chop was made in this one.

Sorbus 2000

2 comments on “Sorbus Reducta Then and Now

    • Cheers Kit. Keeping it alive in those early years was the miracle! When I look back at what didn’t make it among the mame due to lack of attention when watering, it makes me kick myself. What a collection of small ones I could have now!


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