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On Wednesday I was released from the hospital after a five day visit having “Acute Heart Failure.” I’m feeling good now after being told my left heart bundle is only pumping 14% rather than 55%. Against recommendations I’m making the road trip to Portland for the Artisan’s Cup exhibition. But, I’m not driving the 3,000 miles this time. Good friends Marc Arpag from Rochester and Les Allen from Erie, PA, are doing all the driving. I’m sitting in the back seat “resting” and working on the magazine and articles for my magazine on my MacPro Laptop.

Both Marc and I have two bonsai each accepted for the Artisan’s Cup exhibition. We have been preparing and grooming the bonsai for several months. Many different companion plantings have been created, adjusted and finalized, hoping the best looks good when we set up on Thursday.

The exhibition bonsai are in the car, while…

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