Hazardous Collecting

No snakes in Ireland, and definitely no mountain Lions!! Have seen a few cougars though, but that’s another story 🙂 Great read from this excellent blog.

Backcountry Bonsai


Collecting Yamadori is something that few truly experience, and even fewer really get. It’s something that sinks into your core, the desire to be in the mountains as much as possible, to hike just one more ridge, and check one more rock-face; the endless search, and undying belief that the coolest, craziest, ugliest, most gnarly and beautiful tree you’ve ever seen must be just over that next rise.

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It’s this passion and drive that takes us out there every chance we get. Any serious mountain collector has had those moments when their life was literally hanging in the balance, between thin air and sheer rock. There are dangers a plenty, but that only adds to the thrill. However, on rare occasion there is a moment that truly takes your breath away; a moment when you know you are in mortal danger, and you’re more alive than ever.

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Below is my…

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