China National Penjing Exhibition– Part 1

Not many Shohin 🙂 but impressive all the same!

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The China Zuni– 2014 (Yoyo) National Exhibition of Collections of Chinese Penjing Collectors will be held on October 31- November 2, 2014 in Yoyo City, near Shanghai, China. I was honored to be invited to attend and help with the complicated judging of the most important penjing exhibition in China for 2014.






The exhibition opens to the public on Friday while the complicated and detailed judging began on Wednesday morning at 8am. There were a total of ten judges, eight from China and Taiwan and two foreigners, Tony Tickle from England and me representing the United States. We were bused to the event and had a meeting to explain the complicated process. Fortunately, the 14 page “Evaluation Scheme” was in both Chinese and English, but we still had questions which needed to be answered. Lots of regulations, no discussing penjing with other judges and more.



There were supervisors watching us…

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