There’s More To Bonsai That Meets The Eye

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Although bonsai is a visual art, there is more to this art than meets the eye. Of course the beauty of bonsai is of paramount importance and is commonly determined by the trunk, branches, silhouette, container, season, antiquity of youthfulness and the total aesthetic impact. However, it is important to consider other factors, which are not immediately visible to those with limited experience and exposure to the art. Most bonsai hobbyists, and professionals as well, do not have the background to fully understand the hidden beauty that lies within the bonsai and only consider what their eyes first see when viewing a bonsai.


Japanese flowering apricot in full bloom delights the eye and the old rugged trunk is matched and is respected by the careful selection of the antique chinese container


Although this antique Chinese container is not planted with a bonsai, it was displayed in the 2013 Taikan…

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First Rhodie Flowers

First flowers opening on this Rhododendron ‘Blue Diamond’.