Refine your fertilizing this year!

Yet more words of wisdom from Mr Hagedorn. Excellent post and something that I have been trying to do for the last few years. The old wisdom of fertilization for all trees in Spring as new growth appears is utter tosh. I can already see a massive difference in my maples.

Michael Hagedorn

Nothing like a dogmatic title for good dramatics, right? I should add an ‘Or Else!’ but I don’t have the heart for it. Nevertheless, we should be duly chastised for broadcasting fertilizer as if it were an unmitigated good.


Whatever that guy is using should obviously be applied with discretion-

For bonsai, generally we don’t need axes to control growth. And for fertilizing bonsai, we can make this one basic distinction:

  • Begin fertilizing a young, unrefined tree when it begins growing early in the spring
  • Wait a bit with an older, refined tree—usually begin fertilizing when it’s just hardening off it’s spring growth

This makes two assumptions:

  • For the young tree, you wish to develop the trunk size and continue it’s youthful vigor…to fatten trunk, develop branching, get big joyful growth, have loud cellular parties
  • For the old tree, you wish to retain an ‘old tree’ feeling…to have thin twigs…

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