Juniper Pot Virtual

Yes, another one! Better to play around with ideas now than leave it until the Spring.

This is the slight change of front for this tree and a new tilt as well to bring the apex further over the base.

I was going to go smaller, something like this? What you think?

Give it a go yourself.

4 comments on “Juniper Pot Virtual

  1. This tree is developing very nicely Ian, I like the pot you’ve shown in your virt, very elegant.
    You could try a virt in a slightly smaller round nanban type pot, but I think you’re on the money with the one shown.
    I’m not sure about the bottom left branch as I look at the picture, the angle of the branch looks awkward, but pictures can be deceiving, oh and possibly shorten or remove the jin on the inside of the trunk ; 0 ) competes with the opposite side. Right I’m off to stick my nose into someone else’s business now !
    Take care bud. John


    • Cheers JB. The bottom branch was the first thing I pointed out to PW a few weeks ago. He said to keep it and hide it with some foliage if possible. It looks worse in the photo than for real, as they usually do! Fair point about the jin, once I get it repotted I’ll consider a reduction.
      Feel free to dabble in my business whenever you like mate 🙂


  2. Ian, lovely pot and nice tree. Bearing in mind what John has said about photos I agree, for what it’s worth, with him re the bottom jin but I think you need the bottom left branch. Without it the foliage could be too symmetrical. I think the branch could be brought around to the left a bit. Perhaps the foliage could be a bit fuller. This would complete the triangle. But then you are fully aware of my dreadful design skills. LOL


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