House Guest

Peter Warren arrives in Northern Ireland for the first time today, and I have the pleasure of having him as a house guest until Monday.

He’ll be doing a talk/tree critique at the club tonight for the members and then my garage will be put to full use on Saturday and Sunday with workshops. The camera will be out as usual and so will the camcorder. I’m sure he will be on his best behaviour 😉

I’ll endeavour to keep the blog up-to-date with the goings on, but as you can imagine, it’ll be a busy few days for me to. As I know my wife will read this, I just want to thank her for putting up with all these hairy-arsed bonsai folk appearing in the house, not you Peter, I’m sure yours is peachy 😆

Peter working hard. hope he’s not expecting material like that here!!

5 comments on “House Guest

  1. the last thing that you should have done is invoke an image of the PW posterior, fair put me off my breakfast it has 🙂 ! but you are right ,your wife is a saint !!


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