Eejits on Tour Part 2

Some more shots from our tour of the North.

This was a rather strange one! A tree surrounded by a large stone wall. I assume that the wall was there first, some sort of hill fort or burial cairn. The tree probably self seeded in there and it now looks like this.

The whole area is covered with long abandoned crofts which add to the look of the place.

Some of the terrain that we find collectable Hawthorn on.

A rather unusual hawthorn hedge. Up, down and up again!

Nice in the Summer but bleak in the Winter!

Spotted some very interesting fungi along the way. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by them! There must be some sort of support group out there for me 🙂

I loved this little fella growing in a hollow on a tree. Tree had an entish look to it 🙂

Yet more to follow!!

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