Dawn Redwood Group

These are 4 Dawn Redwoods that were field grown for about 8 years. They are nothing special and I thought the best way to make something from them would be to put them together in a group. This is it after 1 year in a pot with basic primary branch structure being created.

Four trees in a group I hear you say… I only had 4 but, as one is a twin trunk, I count it as five 🙂 The pot is totally unsuitable to create the best effect but I’m worried at this point. They have a very long way to go.

I gave it a light trim.

Some carving work required over the Winter.

4 comments on “Dawn Redwood Group

  1. Looking very good for one year in development, Ian. The visual effect matters more than the exact count of trunks. If you hadn’t mentioned that one is a twin-trunk, I probably wouldn’t have noticed until the 2nd or 3d look! 🙂


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