A few other trees ……

… that were for sale or sold over the weekend.

Japanese Maple

Mame Juniper

Japanese larch

Scots Pine

Japanese White Pine

Mario’s Wee Ones

You would think I had no trees of my own 🙂 As I have some of Mario’s bonsai to look after for a few years while he’s in Dubai, I gave them a check today to see how tight the wire was. Both his little White Pine and his Juniper needed to have the wire removed.  Not a big job, here they are after wire removal.

The very top bit of foliage on the Juniper is a sacrifice branch that will be made into jin to match the rest of the tree once it has thickened sufficiently.

Art of Bonsai in Japan 10

Happy days, I thought they had switched to Japanese Gardens 😀

This is a great one looking at Japanese White Pine. Interesting to hear how they feed them to control needle length in Japan.

Click on the image to view on You Tube.