Root Over Rock Trident Maple Repot

I bought this Trident back in 2011. This is the pot it was in at the time. I didn’t like the rectangle and I didn’t like that the rock over hung the left side of the pot.

I opted to change the pot to this Walsall Ceramics pot in February 2012.

And there it stayed until last week. I had another pot come into my hands that I wanted to try out and then of course I found another one as a second option. I tried the tree out in each pot.

This was the blue option

and this was the cream/white option.

After some deliberation I opted for the cream pot. It was my favourite of the two anyway but I was also able to twist the tree slightly more in the pot with the extra front to back space allowing for a slightly new front that shows a little of the rock to the right side of the far right root which I think adds to the image.


7 comments on “Root Over Rock Trident Maple Repot

  1. It maybe the way the pot appears in the photo but to me the rim on the cream pot is wonky ( could not think of a better word!) and it put me off😕 I actually like the last photo and the darker pot. Sorry if it is a bit negative. Thanks for sharing though😁

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    • Wobble is the word you’re looking for 🙂 I doubt mind it, i prefer the colour, size, depth and lack of a rim on the new pot. It’s not an expensive pot and I plan to source a quality one with a bit of age to it with the same shape and dimensions for the next repot. It would be boring if we all liked the same thing. Thanks for commenting.

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  2. Ian…looks greatThat what I was telling folk last night  ie how you can just move the tree a fraction and you have a completely “different  tree” Alan 

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