Juniper styling

Michael was with me last riday night but didn’t manage to get all the wiring done so he popped over on Saturday afternoon and after giving me a hand repotting a Sequoia, we finished the wiring and did a little shaping.

This is the tree before.



And afterwards




Today was our British Summer 🙂 It’s now just 24 hours long!!

Michael invited me over to his place for a look around his trees and to give a little advice. This ended up being 5 hours of me working on his trees while he sat drinking Rum & Coke! [Well, just coke]

I love Michael’s garden he’s some fantastic plants hidden in his borders and I took a few snaps to show you, just don’t ask me what they are!

Michael’s bonsai are sited in three different areas in the garden and he’s plans to set up new benches. This is the main area that was recently redone and a few trees.

I was kept so busy by Michael that I didn’t get any pics of what we were up to, he did however lift my camera and take a few of me slaving away!

Thanks for a very enjoyable day Michael and especially to Alma who made a tasty lunch.