Mugo Pine Evolution

A Mugo Pine that was gifted to me by an great lady called Valerie. I have watched this tree progress for many years since she first brought it to a club workshop with Willowbog Bonsai probably the guts of 15 years ago now. A tree that was upright, leggy and lacking hardly any branches back then. I only wish I could find the original tree photos. Valerie brought the tree back every few years and slowly the tree progressed.

The tree being worked by Valerie back in 2013.
And 2020.

I did a little needle thinning and bud selection this week and perhaps sat looking to the future for the tree. I think next year will see a few changes. The problem with good care and application of technique is that sooner or later you reach a point were you revert the tree back to a green dome if you don’t pull branches out of the design. As a semi cascade this tree shouldn’t look as full as it does, especially in the crown. After that work is done I’ll need to reassess the pot. By adding negative space and some deadwood I think we can age the image.

Valerie if you’re reading this, it’s in good hands 😀

Cascade Scots Pine

A little work on my cascade Pine.


Needles thinned out




Rewired and branch removed to expose more of the deadwood.


Stan’s Cotoneaster

Evening Session:

Stan and his Cascade Cotoneaster came over to my place last night. He had done a little wiring and styling on it a while back, but after a great start, he didn’t know how to proceed.

The apex was a problem, not much to work with. A some point a shari will be needed to disguise the chop mark.

After a little work.

With a years growth this should make a nice image.