He’ll Be Missed

Today, I attended the funeral of Bob Brooks.

Although I’ve already shared this on the club page I have sat today and felt that I needed to add a little something here on my own blog.

When I joined the NIBS in 1993 Bob was one or the old guard even then. In his 70’s sitting in the audience at meetings chatting with who ever wanted to share time with him. As I got to know him I found his fun loving attitude was just a the top coat on a man with much to tell.

He joined the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, altering his date of birth to allow him to join underage. He saw action in Asia and on his return to home after the war he joined Royal Engineers seeing service in the Army as well. I loved chatting to Bob hearing some of the old stories. I found him an inspiration with how he deals with seeing things that most would have struggled with. I know I did.

As a young club member I soon found myself taking meetings and Bob was a great mentor, always on hand to praise my efforts and point out were we could improve as a club. When I took a place on the committee and later the offices of Secretary and Chairman, Bob was a font of knowledge on all things club and committee orientated. Always there to run problems past and get his view on how we could dodge a bullet or two.

Last year we were delighted to have Bob officially open our Club’s Bonsai 30 event. He was genuinely delighted to do this despite recent health issues. He dressed for the occasion and did us proud.

I’m pretty sure heaven will have the best Roses ever this Summer.

Bob, thank you for everything.

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