It’s Time: Mirai Live!

Unless you’ve been sleeping for the last month you can’t have missed the buzz around Mirai Live. Ryan Neil and his Team at Mirai have been building towards it’s launch tonight.

I was delighted when I was offered review access to see what it’s all about and I’ll be sharing my experience with you here over the next month.

First impressions: I was so excited to see what was waiting for me on signing in and I wasn’t disappointed. Ryan has already populated the archive section with some videos even before the official launch. If these are a snapshot of what’s to come, then I’m in. Great quality, top notch info that you can view again and again. Here’s what it’s all about….

On March 14th, 2017 –  Bonsai Mirai is releasing Mirai Live – a cutting-edge online educational platform where you can learn the skills to design, grow, and understand bonsai like never before.

During weekly live streams, you can interact with bonsai professional Ryan Neil and artists from around the world. With Mirai Live’s chat function, you can directly ask and access the secrets to designing and growing robust trees in realtime.

Accessible anytime, anyplace in HD from your smartphone (iOS, Android), tablet, or desktop computer (Mac/PC), Mirai Live has an ever-expanding video archive for you to re-watch and build your bonsai skills.

Mirai Live is designed to accommodate every skill-level in bonsai. We offer you a wide range of knowledge, from nuts-and-bolts techniques to high-level design concepts. Whether you’ve been practicing bonsai for decades or are simply intrigued by the art form, Mirai Live will reorient the way you experience and practice bonsai.

With various membership levels and pricing tiers, what used to be exclusive knowledge will now be yours for the taking. When you approach a stumbling block in bonsai, you now have a place to get your questions answered. With Mirai Live, you will have the tools to maximize every tree you put on your turntable.

We will teach you what no one else can. Join us Live.


Design, Grow, Understand

Build your skills with Mirai Live

I’m looking forward to tonight’s launch and all that it brings. I get the feeling that bonsai is taking a huge step into the modern world and one that will be there for everyone to see. Best wishes to the Mirai team in this new endeavour.