5 Life Lessons from Bonsai

I loved this, perhaps because my own boys are moving on with their own lives and all I can do is wish them my best.


It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun is just rising up, birds are singing, it’s going to be a great day.  Although it’s Sunday, I have a full day ahead but I feel the need to slow down and think.  This blog has given me an outlet to do some of that.  I really feel blessed and grateful to have found a hobby/activity such as bonsai that have given me back so much.  My wish is that more people will discover bonsai and experience the many potential benefits that comes with it.

I have been thinking about writing a series of life lessons from bonsai but have been putting it off.   Now, I feel that the timing maybe more appropriate.  Here where I am Washington State USA, many high school kids have graduated and will be moving on to go to college, military service, work, take some time off etc.  In fact…

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