Bonsai In Bunratty

Just helping to spread the word. If you are out on the West of Ireland and you want a great day with some fantastic people with of course, bonsai, then you might want to check out Saturdays Bonsai Workshop in Bunratty with the folks in the Munster Bonsai Club. Check out Bud Garden Centre


Valerian as Kusamono?

I’m excited to see how this turned out. I love seeing Valerian growing out of old walls but it’s a little big for accent culture. Then my friend Mark, Rusted root bonsai gave me this really old lump of Valerian removed from a quarry I believe. I popped it into this pot and am watching with interest to see how pot culture shortens the flower stalks, if it flowers this year that is. I know Mark has a few more on the go so we’ll see what happens. Well done Mark for thinking outside the box. The fact that it is already a very old plant with lots of character makes it even more interesting. There’s even a little Sedum that was growing with it in the quarry.