Very Tall Hemlock Clump Styled

I love tall trees so this is right up my street, a stunning image. The second video close up shows some unusual branch selection and placement which would have been removed by many but works perfectly here in the tall image. Excellent work 🙂

Michael Hagedorn

This photo essay ends with a couple of movies…don’t miss those. They’re too short for popcorn, but long enough to sit down for.

DSC_0259 Mountain Hemlock before branch removal or wiring. Here are some pre-work branch close-ups:


Last week this Mountain Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) was styled with pruning and wiring. It’s an unusual front, as the apexes all flow 45 degrees to the back and to the right. For me it was a haunting tree to find the wild, as if felt like the wind was literally at my back, and so I was determined to keep a windy feeling in the styling. Given the surrounding trees, it was not a naturally wind-influenced tree, and the identical movement of the apexes was happenstance.

IMG_2438 Bobby progressed from standing on a crate…

IMG_2448 …to standing on a ladder.


I loved the height of this Hemlock. Although it’s more than twice the height of…

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