Let start 2016 – first workshop

Munster Bonsai Club

We are have pleasure to welcome all bonsai interested to our first workshop in 2016 with Ian Young and Phil Donnelly from NIBS. The event is going to take place 06/02/2016 10.00-17.00 as usually in Mark’s place.

Lovely atmosphere, and lots of knowledge, snacks and tea…

All interested are very welcome and pleas contact me at 0867705560 or twinsrat.bonsai@gmail.com

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Further Thoughts on Turface

Michael Hagedorn

A couple years back I wrote a post which became one of most viewed posts I’ve ever written. It was about Turface and similar soil ingredients like Oil-Dri and Profile, and my skepticism about their qualities as a bonsai soil ingredient, following 30 years of experience with many different soil types. The post was meant to call into question the belief that Turface is the best soil ingredient. I don’t believe it is, having witnessed its performance for years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow a tree in it, or that it may be one of the few options in your area due to availability issues.

In rough strokes, there have been three main evolutions in our soil usage in North America. Earliest was the potting soil/sharp sand period, decades ago. Then came the Turface era, which was definitely an improvement on the earlier mixes. Then came the volcanic mixes…

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Shohin Chinese Juniper

I got this little Chinese Juniper in 2010 from a great chap called Bob Snaith.He was clearing out his collection and I got this one at a great price. He supplied me with the first photo below. He’d bought the tree from a chap called Micky Paice who had bought it from Windybank Bonsai back in 1999. Always nice to know the provenance of a tree.

This was it in 2010 as I bought it.

I repotted it and let it sit for a year to gain strength. I then explored the idea of chopping it back to the first branch as I didn’t particularly like the contrived trunk line.

Decision made.

This was it repotted into a smaller pot the following Spring 2012 I think.

It’s been tweaked a few times since then but a few weeks ago I decided to fine wire it and transfer it into a new pot I picked up at Bonsai Europa. This is it prior to wiring.


And afterwards

The new pot and chop mark, Yamaaki.

and now after repotting and a new coat of jin seal applied.