Friendship: Serendipity of Bonsai

More Bonsai friendship, this time from Tony over on bonsaiko.


I’ve been wanting to write  a blog post about this tree for sometime but what to write about it, it’s challenging to decide.  There could be several possible topics that could be written about it but what I will attempt do convey is how this tree developed beautifully throughout the years but how it also became a symbol of friendship.

Around 2005(2006) when I was responsible for bringing in guest artist to Puget Sound Bonsai Association for their monthly meeting demonstration.  I brought in Boon Manakitivipart to the club since I’ve taken his bonsai intensive class before and he is an excellent teacher.  When Boon got here, I took him on a tour at the Elandan Gardens.  At the time my friend Don Guilliams ( who started with the club about the same time I did) volunteered to go with us on the trip.  During the trip I wanted to buy a…

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