Improving the success rate of Yamadori

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

I have been using this technique now for over ten years and I have finally decided to share what I have learned. The technique is known as ‘sweating’ and is used extensively in arboretorial circles. I use for the following species: Cratageus, Prunus, and most of the Rosaceae family, do not use on evergreen species.

I collect trees with as much root as possible, but I have put roots on trees that have not had any.

Follow this procedure and your success rate in establishing your freshly collected yamadori will improve immeasurably.

  1. Collect as much root as possible
  2. Clear as much mountain soil but do not wash the roots
  3. Use the soil mix as shown below
  4. Clean cut the major roots as close to the trunk without spoiling the nebari
  5. Place the tree in the smallest container possible
  6. Ensure that the tree is well packed in the container
  7. Wire…

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2 comments on “Improving the success rate of Yamadori

  1. Ian….latest post …..very timely As you know I want /need to repot several trees this year  ie  the white pine ,possibly the Hinoki and maybe the ItoigowaWe took measurements  of the current pots ,which I hope you have !What is the best way for me to source the right potDo I source  and email for your comment?…..would you be ok with this Alan plus the hornbeam needs repotted !

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